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Ellyn Schinke is the face behind ES Writing + Editing. 

With more than 10 years experience in scientific writing and editing, Ellyn is a talented writer and editor who can craft clear, engaging and accessible scientific content for a variety of audiences.

Drawing from her background in biomedical research, Ellyn is skilled at researching complex topic and distilling them down into engaging and compelling stories that connect what's done in the lab to the real world. She earned a dual-Bachelors in Microbiology and Genetics + Cell Biology, as well as Masters of Microbiology & Immunology from the University of Michigan. Here 10+ years of biomedical research has given her expertise in reproductive biology, gene therapy, microbial pathogenesis, public health, and many other diverse aspects of biology.

Ellyn is an engaging writer, big picture thinker who thrives on making scientific concepts accessible to the public. Connect with her via email here or visit her LinkedIn profile.

February 02, 2018 by Wendy van Hardeveld
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