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Ellyn has the intellectual skills, motivation and personality to move to the next level. I have run out of superlatives to describe her. In over 22 years of training undergraduates, she is easily in the top 1% of students I have encountered, with the whole skillset package.

Dr. Phil Mixter, Washington State University

Ellyn has an inquisitive mind and exhibits a natural curiosity about life and is not shy in seeking out information. Because of her desire for knowledge and wanting to widen her horizons, she would be an excellent candidate for any position...I feel that by granting Ms. Schinke an interview you would be investing in a young adult’s career that would become an outstanding addition to any institution or program.

Dr. Consetta Helmick, Washington State University

During her time in graduate school, she wrote a mock grant on her work which I adapted for use to acquire an intramural award. She is an excellent writer, something which is relatively unique in the graduate students that I have mentored…She is a wonderful combination of maturity and endless enthusiasm…and if I thought it would meet her career plans, I would love to keep her in her current position in the lab. In summary, I give Ellyn my unreserved recommendation.

Dr. Suzy Dawid, University of Michigan

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